Yoga al desnudo, la tendencia que arrasa en Instagram

Por Sole Hott @solehott | Martes, 17 de Octubre de 2017
Yoga al desnudo, la tendencia que arrasa en Instagram

Si creías que para practicar yoga necesitabas un atuendo especial o ropa deportiva adecuada, la verdad es que eso ha quedado en el olvido. Nude Yoga Girl le ha dado un nuevo sentido a esta disciplina con sus fotografías que comparte en redes sociales. 

I'm thinking about how small steps make a long journey... If you do one act for your dreams everyday, after one year 365 acts have maybe changed your life. And what about after five years? ❤️ If I knew how much time, effort and energy I would put into NYG... That I will make almost 500 art photos on top of my other work, write captions in English and stay anonymous during two years, I would say: impossible for me, I can't. I wouldn't start because it would feel too long and difficult, not within my reach. So just to say... wheather it's your dream, a lifestyle change, big work project, building a house or anything... Think about day by day, step by step. Do today what you can do today. ❤ #NYGyoga

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Modelo, fotógrafa, yoga, arte y desnudo es parte de su descripción en Instagram al igual que la frase "Eres hermoso exactamente tal y como eres".

Ella comparte fotos usando el hashtag #NYGyoga, en las que aparece haciendo asanas o posturas completamente desnuda. 

Tell me something about yourself!?😊 I have green eyes. I walk very fast. My horoscope is pisces and my dream job as a child was to be teacher. I do my best to avoid driving. I grew up with cats and dogs. I actually had two homes because my parents divorced when I was young. Making a book has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Space fascinates me. I love jewelry, beautiful dishes and notebooks. At home I always have to have fresh flowers! Will I always be nude on here? I really don't know! I admire people who do stand up comic - I would be so bad at it. But I would like to try acting one day. Until high school I did it a lot. I live in a different country than where I'm from. I like to browse magazines and watch editorial photos. I did mostly sport and commercial photoshoots as a model. However being behind the camera is the "thing" for me. If I should choose one dessert for the rest of my life, it would be Italian gelato. And last random fact: First photo I've taken myself without my boyfriend on here.❤

Una publicación compartida de Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) el 15 de Oct de 2017 a la(s) 11:03 PDT

Rápidamente no solo sumó seguidores, sino que también el hashtag ha hecho lo suyo y más personas también han subido sus fotos uniéndose a esta vertiente. 

Nude Yoga Girl podrá tener muchos seguidores y fotos, pero no ha revelado su verdadera identidad. Tiene 26 años, sabemos algo de su vida profesional, reveló que su lengua materna no es el inglés y compartió que el yoga la ha ayudado a querer su cuerpo. 

Inspiradas por ella, ahora son muchas las que se han atrevido a compartir sus fotos practicando yoga completamente desnudas.

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